Its been extremely rainy in Chicago

porch looker

Thanks to all these darned hurricanes, its been raining for nearly two days straight. I like the rain.

Evelyn is eating yogurt and ruby is watching television in the basement.

Sarah and Ambrose are shopping for forks at Goodwill.

Evelyn’s First Day of Kindergarten

Evelyn went to kindergarten today. It was an honor to be able to walk her to school. She held my hand nearly the entire way, breaking only once to “fix my backpack.” I told her, on the way, that I’m the proudest father in the world. I meant it. Many parents worry about their children being ready to compete in the wide world. I don’t.

Click on her shoes for a slideshow.

Evelyn is super excited about the scan function

Evelyn is Fat

She wants to draw draw draw and scan scan scan.

Teaching Evelyn how to read…

She likes it when I draw pictures and she reads the words.

imageFab DadCrab Dad

My wife, the leader of Cheers

My Wife, the Cheerleader

This was a long long time ago. We’re old now.