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I got mugged today!

Posted by on 9/25/2008

I was unusually tired this morning, and looked in the mirror each time I passed it, trying to rub the red out of my eyes. I left out of the house at the normal time, drove to work drinking orange juice and eating a green apple. It was my normal routine. Out of the house at 5:48, pulling up to school, feeling late as ever, wishing i wouldn’t have slept in for those last precious minutes, and listening to something mundane on NPR. I could tell by the lights in the building that people were inside the school. So I got out but immediately realized that I didn’t grab my lunch bag. As I reached across the seat, I heard a running noise, and felt my laptop bag slip from my hands. At first, I thought I just dropped it. But the running sound, coupled with the two teenagers in all black clothing and wearing hoodies running in the opposite direction, made me realize what was up. They literally came out of nowhere and had my laptop before I could realize what had happened.

Being stupid, angry, and in no way brave, I CHARGED after them. I was furious. I shouted at the top of my lungs that I was going to kill them (what was I thinking!?!?!)! I chased them across the basketball court and into the alley parallel to the school. As I was gaining ground, I saw the thug on the left, the one who had the bag, pass something to the thug on the right. At first I thought it was a metal pipe or something, so I slowed down. My instinct told me that I was filled with enough rage and adrenaline that I could win if the fight was fair, but this pipe was an entirely new variable. I wasn’t about to get the crap beat out of me with a pipe. But it wasn’t a pipe. It was a gun. The perp on the right quickly turned and faced me, gun pointed at my body. Without hesitation I changed directions and bolted back towards my car. He yelld, “Yeah, Bit**”, with smug satisfaction after I altered my plans.

The entire time this took place, I wasn’t in the least bit scared. I was angry. I was filled with a ridiculous adrenaline rage, and my shouting was punctuated by an idiotic confidence that I could actually beat both of them down if necessary. I was outside of myself with anger. As I started running after them, I was convinced that I could take them both. They were bigger, younger, and probably stronger. But I had no doubts; They would perish under my fists. As I think back on those 30 or so seconds, I get that feeling of dread in my chest. Fear. Why was I filled with such rage? Why was my initial reaction so aggressive? Today I saw a part of me that even now is hard to fathom.

The kid could have shot me. He might have pulled the trigger. Thank God I didn’t have a gun.

Evelyn playing soccer

Posted by on 9/20/2008

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Today was Evelyn’s first soccer game. She was “very nervous” (actual quote). I was kinda anxious too. Being so competitive, I want her to be the best player. I have to fight back the urge to drive a car behind her as she trains in 90 degree heat.

The Longest Letter I’ve Ever Written to a Neighbor

Posted by on 9/18/2008

I put this under the windshield wiper of her car this evening.

Letter Part 1

Its been extremely rainy in Chicago

Posted by on 9/14/2008

porch looker

Thanks to all these darned hurricanes, its been raining for nearly two days straight. I like the rain.

Evelyn is eating yogurt and ruby is watching television in the basement.

Sarah and Ambrose are shopping for forks at Goodwill.

Evelyn’s First Day of Kindergarten

Posted by on 8/26/2008

Evelyn went to kindergarten today. It was an honor to be able to walk her to school. She held my hand nearly the entire way, breaking only once to “fix my backpack.” I told her, on the way, that I’m the proudest father in the world. I meant it. Many parents worry about their children being ready to compete in the wide world. I don’t.

Click on her shoes for a slideshow.