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Ambrose at Denny’s

Posted by on 10/6/2008

He’s eating a spoon.

Barnyard Jams!

Posted by on 10/5/2008


We went to the Awesome and pretty darn cheap, County Line Orchard today, in Hobard Indiana. $1 gets you into the Orchard. The apples and pumpkins are pretty pricey, but I imagine they have to jack up the price due to the constant apple eating and pumpkin-stepping-on.

The image below is the quintessential Ruby. She’s DISTRESSED. Ruby is constantly distressed at this or that. Some days it’s a picture of a tiger, other days its some small bug she’s seen on the kitchen counter. At this point, she was completely freaked out by the pumpkin patch. She had just witnessed some of freakiest scarecrow people I’ve ever seen, and was now on a rickety tractor pulled wagon ride on her way to the pumpkin patch. I’m sure in her 3 year old mind, she was on a wagon ride to the 3rd circle of hell. I’d be freaked out if I were her, too.


She’s so insanely cute.

Ruby is quite weird

Posted by on 9/28/2008


Working on National Board Certification

Posted by on 9/28/2008

I’m attempting to become national board certified this year.  What this means for is the following:

  1. I get a super neat license from the state of Illinois that will last for 10 years. 
  2. I improve my teaching ability, as going through the process forces me to stretch myself professionally.
  3. I spend hours and hours writing about my teaching and reflecting on what I do in the classroom.
  4. I get $3,000 from the state of Illinois every year just for being a National Board Certified teacher.
  5. It will be way easier to get other professional positions, if I wanted them.

It’s lots of work, but I really think its going to be worth it.

Ruby on the Train at Kiddieland

Posted by on 9/27/2008

She was freaked out, of course.

The girl is scared of EVERYTHING!