Everyone has a story.

Not everyone has a website.

I hope that one day, when I’m old and grey, my children and grandchildren will be able to pore over this online journal and remember.

Sarah and I met when we were in high school. I was a sophomore, short, geeky, my face swollen with pimples. A year older, she was pale, skinny, and a varsity cheerleader.

The first time I remember seeing her was in Journalism. She was writhing on the floor in the middle of a fake seizure. My first impression was that she was trying too hard to be weird. It only took me a few weeks to discover that she actually was the weirdest person that I’d ever met. She didn’t at all find me attractive when we first met, which doesn’t surprise me. If I were a girl I wouldn’t have been attracted to a 5’4 pimply faced nerd.

the whole fam

We became good friends while still in high school. After a time, we both started having feelings for each other, but it never seemed to work out.

When I went to college, I did the typical “I want to meet chicks and party” thing, but soon realized that no chicks wanted to meet me, and I wasn’t very good at partying.

About this time, I came to the startling revelation that God exists, and Christ was God in fact. Eventually Sarah and I courted for a long while. We married in June of 2002, and Sarah became pregnant with our first child, Evelyn, shortly after.

Two weeks after Evelyn was born, we moved into our first house. It’s a modest dwelling in suburban Cincinnati. No white picket fence, and hardly any backyard, but it’s so much more than I could ever have asked for. We’ve lived there for a while, when along came Ruby Jane in September of 2005.

Jayson then got a job offer working for a KIPP school, so we thought, hey let’s move our family all the way to Chicago, and sleep on an air mattress for 2 months! We did it and it rocked!

The latest addition to the family, John Ambrose, was born in November of 2007. He likes to eat things.

We currently live in Oak Park, Il.

Now that you’ve gotten enough personal information to stalk and murder my entire family, have fun!