Putting the Girls to bed: Audio Version

Posted by on 10/9/2008

So this is really all about being obsessed with things, really. I get on these kicks were I can’t stop doing one category of “thing.” Right now I think it might be recording everyday things in our lives. So I thought it might be interesting to record what it was like to put the girls to bed at night. We’d previously read a great story on the couch. The audio starts when we are heading to the bedroom.


  1. Jumping in the bed
  2. Evelyn messing with the mic
  3. Praying
  4. Accidentally saying “hamster” instead of “mice”…not sure where that came from
  5. Evelyn not “saying the words” to the rote prayers
  6. The phone ringing right after prayers, talking to a student, and then her mom.
  7. Evelyn and I completing our bedtime routine…”Go

Putting the Girls to Bed